Canonical introduce Enterprise Kubernetes support options


The companies Canonical and Ubuntu announced offer expanded enterprise support with partners and two consulting packages for enterprise Kubernetes deployments. This include Galactic Fog’s serverless infrastructure, Rancher’s container management workflow, and Weaveworks’ Weave Cloud.

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To gain new cloud and container customers Canonical focused on the enterprise market. Meanwhile, Canonical failed to dominate the Linux desktop and become a smartphone leader.

Canonical works with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google, and Oracle to improve Ubuntu guests for containers on these clouds. It also works with Google Container Engine (GKE) to enable hybrid operations between enterprise deployments of Kubernetes and the Google SaaS offering. Ubuntu is already the leading cloud operating system.

New two consulting packages are Kubernetes Explorer and Kubernetes Discoverer. In fact, designed for companies working with bare-metal clouds and containers.

Kubernetes Explorer

Incorporates Kubernetes on a public cloud, private cloud, or VMware. It delivers reference architecture including training and deployment, with optional consulting for workload analysis at $15,000 or Equally, to support everyday container operations and assist in the creation of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

Kubernetes Discoverer

To include bare metal operations. It includes providing consultant to optimize the architecture for particular workloads, hands-on training delivered on-site at $35,000. The package also provides for networking options and deep integration and customization of storage.

In addition, new Canonical Kubernetes implementation serves for a wide range of partner offerings as a shared platform. Canonical’s Kubernetes provides a multi-cloud solution for serverless computing is made to use and easy to integrate.”

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Moreover, companies looking for best-practice Kubernetes now provide specialist consulting to operate Kubernetes on any cloud, bare metal, or virtualization,” said Marco Ceppi, Canonical’s product manager for Kubernetes, in a statement.