Kaspersky launches “IoT Scanner” to support smart home security


Kaspersky IoT Scanner

Russian cyber security expert Kaspersky launches new software that can secure the smart home. Kaspersky IoT Scanner, a new addition from the company’s existing Android app that monitors smart and IoT connected devices.

The service scans the home’s Wi-Fi network to automatically detect IoT devices connection, including routers, smart cameras, TVs, printers, games consoles, and more. Once detected, the scanner notifies the user when anyone connects or disconnects from the home network.

The solution is to scan your devices for known security vulnerabilities to protect your home from threats. If a device has any open connection ports, the app alerts the user and provide advice on how to stay safe.

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extra level of security

The Kaspersky IoT Scanner also notifies the user regarding any fake passwords on their network. Also, adding an extra level of security for user smart devices.

“The mission of Kaspersky Lab is to save the world from cyber threats. And it’s not just words. We are working every day to make the Internet safer for our users. Our “arsenal” contains many free solutions for a variety of tasks and platforms, and new IoT Scanner is another solution that allows a significant portion of the natives, says Andrei Mochola, head of consumer business at Kaspersky Lab.

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The Kaspersky recent Gartner study founds over six billion IoT devices currently being used worldwide. But, many IoT devices easy pickings for cybercriminals. Last year’s Mirai botnet attack shocked the world as connected devices hijacked to carry out a wide-ranging assault.

Now, the service is available to test in beta, for users of the Kaspersky Android app. Which is a free release available in English and Russian.