180,000 iPhone apps not compatible with iOS 11


Ever since Apple introduced a 64-bit processor with the iPhone 5S in 2013. Started giving gentle warnings that developers should update their apps.The change rumored for a while now.

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Users started getting a message warning them. The 32-bit apps on their phone wouldn’t work at all when iOS 11 became available. Some 32-bit apps had already disappeared from the App Store. But were still available to download if you had the direct link.

The iPhone 5s has been around for nearly three years, and most well-known apps are compatible with 64-bit processors. So, what does this change actually mean?

Apple may stop supporting nearly 200,000 apps by September.

While it’s impossible to make a complete list of all the apps that will no longer be supported, both Sensor Tower and Business Insider have anecdotally noticed a handful of apps that appear to be 32-bit:

If you’re noticing a pattern among the 32-bit apps, you’re on to something: Sensor Tower found that of the remaining 32-bit apps on the App Store, most of them were games – 38,619 to be specific. Education, entertainment, and lifestyle apps followed.

But if some of your favorite apps are only 32-bit compatible, they won’t immediately disappear when iOS 11 becomes available.

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According to Sensor Tower, the apps will probably stay in the App Store for a while and continue working on phones that haven’t updated to the new OS. Eventually, though, Apple will probably delete the apps from the App Store altogether.