Trump Cybersecurity Advisers Resign in Protest


The panel of cybersecurity advisors in Trump administration resigned. In protest over President Trump’s reaction towards violence occurred in Charleston Ville and withdrawing decision against Paris climate agreement.

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The resignation letter contained that 8 members among 28 person of national infrastructure advisory council claimed that president’s actions have threatened the security of the homeland.

The letter states that the Trump administration is not acceptably attentive to the pressing national security matters within the NIAC’s concern. But Trump has paid insufficient attention to the growing threats that the US faces to its cybersecurity. The information acquired by NextGov, also mentioned that members of council also stated in letter as The moral infrastructure of our nation is the foundation on which our physical infrastructure is built.

 Eight names removed from the NIAC website.

The resignations come after Trump separated business advisory councils. Earlier this month following resignations by chief executive officers regarding violence in Charleston Ville. Meanwhile the former infrastructure council members criticized Trump administration efforts to protect the digital security of election systems.

The council members containing three Obama-era officials: White House Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil, Science and Technology Policy Chief of Staff Cristin Dorgelo, and White House Council on Environmental Quality Managing Director Christy Goldfuss. Eight names removed from the NIAC website.

The letter states You have given lacking attention. To the increasing threats to the cybersecurity of the critical systems upon Americans depend. Including impacting the systems supporting our election process.

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Moreover, remaining council members approved a report on cybersecurity vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure. That report warned that U.S. infrastructure in pre 9/11 moment when it comes to cybersecurity.