Adobe released new features for its email marketing platform


Adobe Campaign

Adobe releases several new capabilities for its Adobe Campaign email marketing tools. Most of these tools available for creating better dashboards, new email templates, better support for multilingual campaigns. The upcoming features are currently in internal testing.

From last year, Adobe work on bringing machine learning-powered features to virtually all its products to its Sensei AI platform. Adobe Campaigns has allowed its users to use machine intelligence to find the best subject lines for their emails.

The tool helps who opened a marketing email to show the right image to the right person. However, most marketing emails are basically HTML pages that load their images from a company’s server. The service’s algorithm looks at a variety of signals to decide which image a customer is the most likely to react to.

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Email marketing

Also, the new tool forecasting customer churn based on how users engage with emails. That’s some standard machine-learning stuff only as good as the data you feed it. Because Adobe sits on a valuable data about business users, it creates a good profile of a business user.

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Combined with data from Campaigns, the tool predicts when a customer likely to unsubscribe from a service. Adobe senior product marketing manager Bruce Swann, said, Adobe could use this tool internally to predict when a Creative Cloud user likely to unsubscribe.

Adobe also releases email consumer survey, which highlights overflowing inbox, email’s power suffers. In the U.S. Adobe’s respondents open 82% of work emails and 60% of personal emails. However, 61% respondents say that email is their best way of being contacted by brands.