New Fitbit Flyer headphones into market


Now Fitbit the fitness tracker company unveiling new smartwatch iconic and headphones into the market. The company to begin a new field in headphones with its new Fitbit Flyer launch.

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The new Flyers a Bluetooth headphone for people with fitness-focused. Designed as sweat-proof and water resistant. They also remain on sudden rain shower.

Iconic smart watch for step count, heart rate and calories burned pop up right next to the date and time when you first turn on the phone. The Ionic does your standard range of Fitbit activity things continuous heart-rate monitoring, multi-sport tracking, swim stats and sleep monitoring.

The Fitbit Flyer will release sometime in October for $129.95 in a gold/grey or black / blue color combinations.

Device can be used up to six hours on single charge and with 15-minute quick charge to get another hour of battery life. Because the device released in 2017 instead of newer USB-C standard, they charge over Micro USB.

Fitbit Flyer can connect two Bluetooth devices at once. So that linked with your smartphone and a smartwatch to go hand in hand

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Moreover, Fitbit includes a variety of fins and ear tips to help make sure the Flyer fits properly, and which are stable in ears as we struggle with the wired ear phones.