Diesel Android Wear 2.0 goes on sale for $325


Diesel has unveiled a new android wear as fossil launched its range of android wears in 2017. Now diesel android wear comes in five different styles and Wear 2100 embedded with snapdragon.

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The compatibility and specifications a large 48mm case, 1.4″ display with 454 x 454 resolution. 521MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, IP67 water resistance, and a relatively small battery at 370mAh.

However, there’s no heart rate sensor, no GPS, and no NFC. And although Diesel’s site boasts wireless charging, it uses a magnetic pad.

There are a few fancy things coming with the Diesel On Full Guard. An iridescent effect that changes the watch face’s color as you twist your hand around as if light was hitting the glass in different ways. Moreover, a dust animation when you haven’t moved in a while, and weather animations on top of your watch face.

Meanwhile a new app called T-ON-I for Time, Organizing, Notification, Intelligence which will keep an eye on the weather, your agenda, and your fitness goals.

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One of them has just gone up for sale the Full Guard with black case. Finally, quick release brown leather band is now exclusively available for $325 at Macy’s and on Diesel’s online shop with more styles on September 25.