Oracle announce new features to its IoT Cloud platform


Oracle IoT Cloud

The Oracle IoT Cloud announced new features that give industrial companies to implement pre-built AI algorithms. The AI algorithms can detect variations, and forecast when a machine will stop working, and help with supply chain management.

The existing applications of AI with Oracle’s IoT Cloud required technical coding knowledge. Now, it’s a drag and drop, Bhagat Nainani, global VP of IoT application development at Oracle.

According to Oracle, the machine learning, and AI are built-in services. Users can use pre-built in algorithms that optimize for an IoT stream that applied to each of these different applications.

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new services

Oracle is one of a range of companies like IBM and Microsoft that offer industrial IoT solutions augmented by AI for training, safety, or machine maintenance. The new Digital Field Service, which predicts equipment failure and augmented reality to help remotely guide equipment repairs.

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Also a new Digital Fleet Management service is a real-time shipment tracking and supply chain management and Smart Connected Factory. Which performs root cause analysis and incident detection in industrial settings. However, sensor tracking uses internally at a company to put IoT data practically use or sold as a product and service for other businesses.

Another new service Digital Twins offers virtual representations of an object, equipment, or work environment. The new services created with partners in the virtual world to supply VR for training, and AR for guiding an employee remotely to conduct repairs or carry out tasks.

Lionel Chocron, vice-president of IoT Solutions at Oracle, said, the early adopters looking at AR and VR, but sees sectors like manufacturing are driving interest. The company’s goal is to make IoT easy and focus on business outcomes.

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