Salesforce, IBM partnership with new app integrations


Salesforce and IBM merge again in attempt to deepen the alliance between the two companies announcement is all about data integration. The partnership began to sell Einstein and Watson artificial intelligence products.

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Salesforce to adjoin ability to include IBM weather data in Lightning apps. IBM enables its customers to build apps that include Salesforce data.

New Weather Focus App

The announcement involves a specific types of weather data integration on the Salesforce Lightning platform. For starters, there is a Lightning component known as Weather Focus. It allows developers to build weather data into applications. Let us consider a customer building an ecommerce app on Salesforce adjust the delivery date of a purchase based on weather conditions.

Weather Recorder lets user’s record weather data by date range directly into a Salesforce record. This could come in handy, for example, for an insurance app to incorporate information about a sudden change in weather event. Help underwriters understand the conditions at the time of the claim.

Finally, with the Scheduling Assistant you can set up appointments based on weather data, making sure there isn’t say a snow storm in the forecast that could keep you from showing up.

However, incorporating Salesforce data into IBM apps. You can also incorporate Salesforce data into IBM apps now via IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce. This could be useful for pulling Salesforce data together with news and other data. To enable sales people more quickly to customer needs based on external conditions.

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But the two organizations have in common, they have customers to use data from one another.Moreover, this is a simple data integration giving each company’s customers easy access to some valuable data.