Samsung to test autonomous cars in California


Samsung announced that it got permit to test autonomous cars in California. Many of these firms want to test in California.

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Apple, also has a permit for testing autonomous cars in California. Samsung’s parent company is already the holder of a permit to test self-driving cars in South Korea. However, officials at the time that permit granted they intended to test an algorithm that allows the car to drive itself in adverse weather.

Samsung hasn’t said if it wants to test full on self-driving cars, algorithms, or related sensors in the US with its new permit. All it says so far is that it wants to pursue a “…smarter, faster transportation future.” Because, samsung has said it has no plans to become an automaker.

They hope to create software and hardware that automakers will adopt. Moreover, some may also work on creating self-driving systems. That can be installed on cars that didn’t come with the car from the get go.

Further, the California DMV has published a full list of all the companies it has granted self-driving testing permits. There are 39 companies total.

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Almost, names on that list are ones we all recognize like Tesla, VW, Mercedes, Honda, Ford, Subaru, NVIDIA, Apple, and others. Some are firms that none of us probably know like Zoox, Nuro, and Pony.AI.