Amazon streams NFL Football Green Bay Packers Vs Chicago Bears worldwide tonight


The new deal to carry NFL Thursday Night Football was won by Amazon, back in April when they outbid rivals Facebook and Twitter, paying the league a reported $50 million for one year. Tonight Green Bay Packers Vs Chicago Bears be the exclusive home package.

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The streams are only accessible to Amazon Prime members, a group of an estimated 80 million people, so many expect the cord-cutting option to help boost Prime memberships.

Although, having access to the NFL is just piece of a very large content play by Amazon. The Prime Video service has committed to spending around an estimated $.5 billion on producing television shows and movies that will be exclusive to Amazon worldwide. Meanwhile, the goal is a simple one they want to drive up Amazon Prime membership’s that netted the company a cool $136 billion in sales in 2016.

In addition, as part of its agreement, Amazon reportedly gets to sell two minutes of ads on its stream per hour. Other reports say its ten 30-second ads, which would equal five minutes total, which would be fewer than two minutes of ads per hour, since the average game lasts for 3 hours 7 minutes. Further, the rest of the ads that you’ll see if you watch the game on Amazon will be the same as the national ads that appear on television.

For the Amazon-only ads, Amazon has sold packages that reportedly cost $2.8 million. Meanwhile, its unclear exactly how many minutes are included in each package. In fact,  Amazon will not share how many separate packages it has sold. But Amazon does say the packages include banner ads elsewhere on, that don’t run during the games.

Moreover, the 11 games are as follows: Bears at Packers (Sept. 28); Patriots at Buccaneers (Oct. 5); Eagles at Panthers (Oct. 12); Chiefs at Raiders (Oct. 19); Dolphins at Ravens (Oct. 26); Seahawks at Cardinals (Nov. 9); Titans at Steelers (Nov. 16); Redskins at Cowboys (Nov. 30); Saints at Falcons (Dec. 7); Broncos at Colts (Dec. 14); Steelers at Texans (Dec. 25). (A wall at Amazon’s AWS Loft in SoHo, Manhattan, shows all 11 games.)

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However, Amazon will track sales data after each ad, so that it can tell a brand exactly how many people purchased or looked up its products after seeing its ad. The brands that are already official NFL sponsors, like Pepsi, Hyundai, and Gillette. But there was also an ad from Showtime, not an NFL sponsor, for its series “Ray Donovan.”