Microsoft joins the Open Source Initiative as a Premium Sponsor

Open Source Initiative

Open Source Initiative (OSI)

Microsoft has joined the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as a Premium Sponsor. The OSI takes a relatively pragmatic approach to open source and advocates for open source in business and government. The OSI also reviews open source licenses, which often vendor specific, to ensure that they conform to community norms and expectations.

Since, Microsoft has an annual corporate revenue of greater than $250m it will encourage to donate $20,000 to the initiative.

Jeff McAffer, director of Microsoft’s open source programs office, said, the work that the Open Source Initiative is vital to the evolution and success of open source as a first-class element in the software industry. As Microsoft engages with open source communities more broadly and deeply. We excited to support the Open Source Initiative’s efforts.

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OSI said, Microsoft has a long history of working with the organization, mostly on the release of the Microsoft .NET framework in 2014. It also points to other initiatives, including Windows 10’s support for Bash/Linux. Microsoft’s expanded support for Linux and open source workloads on the Azure cloud and the open sourcing of Visual Studio Code.

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Patrick Masson, OSI general manager and board director, commented. This is a significant milestone for the OSI and the open source software movement more broadly. “I don’t think there could be any greater testament to the maturity, viability, interest, and success of open source software than not only Microsoft’s recognition but also their support as a sponsor, as well as their participation as contributors to open source projects and communities.”

As a premium sponsor, Microsoft joins in Google, IGM, HPE, AdblockPlus, GitHub and Heptio as top sponsors of the project. Other sponsors at lower levels include RedHat, Mozilla and HP.

More information: [OSI]