Apple releases iOS kernel source code

iOS kernel source

The company has quietly posted ARM-friendly source code for the XNU kernels used in iOS and macOS on GitHub.

Apple also offers a relatively limited source code license that isn’t as flexible as the GPL license used for Linux. This open source release of macOS and iOS kernel code will benefit only a small subset of the computing industry.

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Apple has always published the source code for the macOS kernel. Since macOS and iOS share the same Unix-based XNU core called Darwin. Technically this was also the iOS kernel. Apple has already been releasing the open source code of its macOS. Formerly OS X kernel, based on Darwin.

Eventually, to the open source BSD operating system. The new code revolves around the ARM versions of the macOS and iOS kernels.

However, beyond that, it doesn’t mean that much. You’re unlikely to see any homebrew iOS builds made because the source code includes only the kernel, and not the user interface or developer framework or the apps that lay on top of that.

And even if you had the time and effort to put all that in place. Apple’s source code offered with a pretty restrictive license that doesn’t allow it to use in the same way as Linux.

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Apple has published ARM-based code that could be integrated into mac OS and Mac Books powered by ARM chips, or devices that contain ARM chips.