Microsoft Azure Functions now supports Java programming language

Microsoft Azure Functions

Microsoft Azure Functions

Java developers can now use Azure Functions, Microsoft’s serverless computing platform. Server less computing is gaining ground businesses. Microsoft Azure is the world’s major cloud providers. But, contrary to the image the term conjures up, servers still very much involved in server less applications.

Instead, cloud providers dynamically handle all that, allowing software development and IT operation teams to focus on building and deploying applications faster. However, Microsoft isn’t the only technology giant investing in server less computing.

In April, IBM build IoT solutions by adding new capabilities to its Bluemix OpenWhisk serverless platform. Google also jumped on the bandwagon with the beta release of its Cloud Functions service in March.

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Java support

Microsoft has enabled Java support using the open source Azure Functions runtime running on .NET Core, enabling multiple programming languages to use the service. Java is the first language under this new model.

Microsoft said, the new Java runtime will share all the differentiated features provided by Azure Functions, such as the wide range of triggering options and data bindings, serverless execution model with auto-scale, as well as pay-per-execution pricing.

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The transition to building serverless applications on the Azure cloud is a seamless one. Nir Mashkowski, partner, director of program management of Microsoft Azure App Service, said, as a Java developer, you don’t need to use any new tools to develop using Azure Functions. With the newly released Maven plugin, you can create, build, and deploy Azure Functions from your existing Maven-enabled projects.

The new Azure Functions, Core Tools release allows users to run and debug code locally using popular IDEs.

Also, Microsoft is Azure Building Blocks, a collection of Azure Resource Manager templates and tools that streamline the process of deploying Azure cloud computing resources. Azure Resource Manager is a template-based cloud resource deployment and management service that lends consistency to the process of spinning up cloud applications.

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