Walmart launches a new in-store returns service: Mobile Express Returns

Walmart Mobile Express Returns

Walmart Mobile Express Returns

Giant companies Walmart and Amazon continue to try and attract customers away from the offering ever-more convenient shopping experiences. Now, Walmart is launching a new in-store returns service called Mobile Express Returns.

The service allows customers who purchase items online and then need to return products in Walmart’s physical stores. While, customer needs Walmart app to log a product for return, which then generates a QR code for the transaction, and then walking into a physical Walmart store to return or exchange the items quickly.

Each returned item can either be returned for a refund or exchanged. Refunds appear in customer account the following day.

Mobile Express Returns service launches in November of this year and rolled out in 4,700 Walmart’s stores in the U.S. The service will also expand in 2018 to cover third-party sellers on online marketplace.

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Walmart Pay

The company’s mobile payment feature, Walmart Pay, offering the basis for this latest product to speed up in-store returns.

Walmart also introduces a “keep it” feature, means if a bulky item ordered and a customer wants to return it. But, the feature accepts only certain goods. Walmart can decide to allow the product to keep while issuing a refund. This decision made at the point of logging the return in the app. So, no store visit would be necessary to receive the refund.

Bridging the connection between Walmart’s online and offline businesses makes a lot of change. Walmart competitor, Amazon has started accepting Amazon returns last month. Amazon also works with Khol’s to accept returns. However, Amazon likely to expand it if it proves popular.

The new service useful for Walmart in another way. It will serve as a new route to getting people into the physical stores to shop more. Overall, not just to exchange items, but to pick up other customer products might need.

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