Giant Robot Fight tomorrow between America and Japan

megabots vs suidobashi

The America and Japan about to engage in a giant robot fight. The fight will take place on October 17th, 2017 at 10:00 PM ET. It will be streamed worldwide on Twitch. If you miss the live stream, you can catch it on YouTube and Facebook immediately after the event concludes.

This giant robot battle in the works for almost two years and originally supposed to take place in August.

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credit: engadget

America, for its part, is sending in MegaBots’ “Eagle Prime,” a 10.9-tonne (12-ton), 4.9-meter-high (16-foot) metallic monster. Meanwhile, the engineers built it say that it “seats two, powered by 430 horsepower V8 LS3 engine, and costs $2.5 million,” adding that “cupholders come standard.”

In addition, the promotional video for their war machine is exactly as American as you’d expect bombastic, showy, and genuinely imposing. Engaging in a trial of sorts, the impressive creation slides around corners with ease, smashes through some barrels with its claw-like left arm, and fires projectiles quite accurately at several others.

Although, at one point, a car explodes as its hit by an explosive projectile. When faced with another war robot armed to the teeth the “enemy megabot” Eagle Prime literally rips its face off. Somewhere, a bald eagle probably beamed with pride.

In Japan’s corner, you have Suidobashi’s Kuratas robot. Weighing 5.9 tonnes (6.5 tons) and reaching a height of almost 4 meters (13 feet). A promotional video from 2012 takes on a slightly different tone. To the American equivalent right from the offset, where it issues a disclaimer.

“Kuratas is an art piece. It is not a normal vehicle, so it doesn’t guarantee you safety and comfort. However,” it adds, “it makes your dream of becoming a robot pilot come true.”

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Moreover, It is wandering around the streets of Tokyo quite peacefully. But in a follow-up video one which responds to the Americans originally challenging them. Finally, to the duel they show off its punching prowess set to heavy rock riffs.

[source: engadget]