McAfee brings advanced analytics to protect endpoint and cloud solutions

McAfee new endpoint and cloud solutions

McAfee new endpoint and cloud solutions

Cybersecurity firm McAfee announced a new endpoint and cloud solutions that go beyond machine learning to take advantage of the speed and accuracy of advanced analytics, deep learning, and AI increases the efficiency of security operations.

The new solutions, allowing security teams to discover and assess data and root out threats through human-machine teaming. The company proves ‘Together is power,’ with collaborative security that defends against shared adversaries, the company said in a statement.

“Security teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the complexity they face in their environments which hinders their ability to defend against the growing number of threats,” said, Chris Young, CEO of McAfee.

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McAfee ‘Together is power’ principle

However, McAfee act on our ‘Together is power’ principle with collaborative security that combines the unique advantages of people, machines, and partners, enabling teams to be situationally aware of security events and take swift action to thwart assaults, from the endpoint to the cloud.”

The company also announced the wide-scale adoption of the Data Exchange Layer (DXL), including interoperability with Cisco Systems. McAfee Security Innovation Alliance, the industry’s premier technology-partnering program, demonstrating the industry move to collaborative, open and integrated security.

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The organizations focus on maximizing the value of their environment with solutions that integrate to new technologies. Collaborations, like Cisco, IBM Security and others throughout the security industry critical to closing information gaps, breaking silos. The companies providing the visibility to protect our most important assets from cyber-criminals.

A recent McAfee survey discovered the most effective SOCs are analytics-driven. With proactive threat hunting and automated investigative workflows creating an ongoing progression towards increasingly advanced security management. Such effectiveness relies on the implementation of advanced analytic technologies, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence, to curate and visualize threat data. So, security analysts can make sense of it in a short amount of time.

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