Nvidia extends partnership, offer courses under Deep Learning Institute


Nvidia is offering industry courses in deep learning and artificial intelligence under deep learning institute.

The company has extended its partnership and added industry courses. The Deep Learning Institute (DLI) started a year ago to teach and expertise new developers and data scientists. Moreover, it partnered with Booz Allen Hamilton and deeplearning.ai to offer more training. Also DLI is creating a university ambassador program for teaching AI by instructors at no cost.

Nvidia aims to train 100,000 developers in deep learning, AI technologies

DLI offering courses on use cases and fields like finance, natural language processing, robotics, video analytics and autonomous vehicles. DLI partners with more than 20 including Amazon Web Services, Coursera, Facebook, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Microsoft and Udacity.

NVIDIA is already working with professors at several universities. Including Arizona State, Harvard, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and UCLA.

“The world faces an acute shortage of data scientists and developers who are proficient in deep learning. we’re focused on addressing that need,” said Greg Estes, vice president of Developer Programs at NVIDIA. “As part of the company’s effort to democratize AI. The Deep Learning Institute is enabling more developers, researchers and data scientists to apply this powerful technology to solve difficult problems.”

“AI is the new electricity, and will change almost everything we do,” said Ng, who also helped found Coursera, and was research chief at Baidu. “Partnering with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute to develop materials for our course on sequence models. It allows us to make the latest advances in deep learning available to everyone.”

In addition, to train Udacity’s Self-Driving Car Engineer as project-based curriculum. Nano degree students in advanced deep learning techniques. However, as well as upcoming new projects to help students create deep learning applications in the robotics field around the world.

In addition, DLI signed training delivery partnerships with Skyline ATS in the U.S., Boston in the U.K. and Emmersive in India.

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