Google Poly, People can find and share 3D objects in VR



Google opened a new platform, Poly, for people to find and share 3D objects. Poly integrates with Tilt Brush and Blocks, and acts as a showcase for 3D models that developers can plug and play into their own AR or VR creations.

The Tilt Brush is a VR-based toolkit that helps 2D artists make the transition to working in 3D, and Blocks also work within a VR environment to allow non-technical people to create 3D objects.

Also, OBJ files can directly upload to Poly. However, in searchable categories the site is fully stocked with thousands of 3D objects and scenes, such as animals & creatures, people & characters, and technology.

Source: Google Poly

Users can also filter results, include Tilt Brush sketches and Blocks, to show only those that allow remixing, and to select by publishing date.

3D objects

The 3D objects uploaded to Poly to publish under a Creative Commons public license and many are fully remixable. That means users can import 3D objects into Tilt Brush or Blocks and also edit easily. When the remix subsequently published, then Poly automatically links to the original asset and credits the original creator.

Users can check out the 3D objects in a mobile or desktop browser and search for new creations using keywords. The objects can also share via animated GIF, to select with aspect angles and animation speed, or viewed using Cardboard or Daydream View.

Poly allows anyone to upload or view 3D objects in a mobile or desktop browser. Interested users can visit However, Google issues an application programming interface (API) for Poly.

More information: [Google]