New Evolutionary theory can be used to understand the alien behavior


Evolutionary theory

A new study from the University of Oxford show that how Evolutionary theory help to support alien predictions and how to understand their behavior.

Sam Levin, a researcher in Oxford’s Department of Zoology, said, a fundamental task for astrobiologists is thinking about what extra-terrestrial life might be like. But making predictions about aliens is hard. We only have one example of life life on Earth to extrapolate from. Past approaches in the field of astrobiology have been largely mechanistic, taking what we see on Earth, and what we know about chemistry, geology, and physics to make predictions about aliens.

According to study, researchers use an alternative approach, to make predictions in evolutionary theory that are independent of Earth’s details. According to researchers, the theoretical predictions will apply to aliens that are silicon based.

alien natural behavior

Using this idea of alien natural selection as a framework, the team labeled extra-terrestrial evolution, and how difficulty will arise in space.

The major transitions occur when organisms evolve into a higher-level organism when cells become multi-cellular organisms. while, theoretical and real data suggest that extreme conditions required for major transitions to occur.

The new study also makes specific forecasts about the biological make-up of complex aliens, and offers a degree of insight as to what they might look like.

however, researchers can’t say whether aliens will walk, and have big eyes. But they believe evolutionary theory trying to understand what aliens will be like. Researchers shown some examples of these kinds of strong predictions we can make with it.

Just like humans, aliens made-up of a hierarchy of entities. At each level of the organism there will be mechanisms in place to eliminate disagreement, maintain co-operation, and keep the organism functioning.

More information: [University of Oxford]

Journal: [International Journal of Astrology]