After a long gap, Intel and AMD together coming with PC chip

PC chip

Intel and AMD team up

Intel announces a laptop-computer chip that combines an Intel processor and an AMD graphics unit. For decades, Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are rivals. Now they are teaming up to oppose Nvidia Corp. The new Intel PC chip is mainly designed for laptops and it run exclusive video games.

Some reports said, the competitors first collaboration since the 1980s, and it reflects complex shifting dynamics in the semiconductor industry.

For decades, Intel ruling for much of that time, lately holding a nearly 100% share. But, recently AMD continuously launched chips that represent the first real competition for Intel in that market for years.

AMD also recently revamped its graphics-chip designs which has nearly 80% of the market for stand-alone graphics chips by revenue.

Recently, AMD update it graphics-chips design, the better to take on market leader Nvidia. Intel plays direct with Nvidia in driving AI calculations for large internet companies.

Gaming PCs

However, gaming PCs typically require Intel processors and high-end graphic chips from AMD or Nvidia. Intel’s new product give it a shot at some of the revenue that usually goes to those graphics chips.

According to reports, Intel is more comfortable competing with AMD than Nvidia. They feel like they know what to do to compete, so they can afford to cooperate to some degree.

An AMD spokesman said, Intel’s new laptop-computer chip won’t compete directly with those based on AMD’s coming Ryzen Mobile. The Intel chip will appeal to serious gamers, he said. The AMD plans to deliver by the end of the year, can run games, but not specialized for that purpose.

More information: [CNBC]