Salesforce and Google announced a solid partnership on cloud services


Solid partnership on cloud services

Google and Salesforce announced a deal that could provide easier integration between Salesforce tools and Google cloud services.

In this deal, Salesforce plans to use Google Cloud Platform infrastructure to power the tech titan’s international expansion. However, Google will use Salesforce for selling its cloud services.

Salesforce also working to integrate its data with Google’s G Suite service. With this, customers can easily access Salesforce information within Gmail, Google Sheets and other products. The both company customers will also connect Salesforce’s sales and marketing software with Google Analytics 360.

Ryan Aytay, Salesforce’s executive vice president of business development and strategic accounts, said, that the company’s integrations with Google’s productivity software are deeper than those with Microsoft’s Office 365. That depth of integration is one of the things that drove the partnership, which required significant co-engineering.

Operate Salesforce customers to Google G Suite

This partnership may also help to operate Salesforce customers to Google G Suite free for one year as part of the partnership.

It’s unclear exactly how using Google Cloud Platform fits into Salesforce’s overall infrastructure and global expansion plan. Already, Salesforce using AWS infrastructure at its international cloud regions.

However, Salesforce doesn’t plan to move away from that investment. The two companies announced their partnership almost one and half year ago.

With this partnership, some customers may confuse about their data stored in either Google or Amazon. However, Salesforce has not announced any plans to allow customers to order which cloud environment their information store in.

This partnership announced many features that are still worked on, and are not available to the public. The deal is very helpful for both firms.

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