Microsoft Word’s new ‘Resume Assistant’ with LinkedIn

Microsoft Word's new 'Resume Assistant' with LinkedIn

The companies introduced a new Resume Assistant feature that puts LinkedIn data directly in Microsoft Word to help users write better resumes.

The feature, which will begin rolling out to Microsoft Insider this week. It pulls in relevant LinkedIn data as you’re writing a resume based on your industry. Also what type of job you want.

It automatically detects the job descriptions you’ve written and highlights what people with similar experience have put on their resumes. It will show you how people who’ve worked in similar roles in your industry describe their job experience and skills.

As Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition last year

source : Mashable

The idea, according to the companies, is to help provide more inspiration to people who aren’t sure the the best way to describe their experience and skills.

The feature also ties into some of LinkedIn’s job-finding tools. It will pull in job listings from LinkedIn’s database, which should help you further customize your resume, and you can opt-in to LinkedIn’s feature that tells recruiters you’re interested in a new job.

The update is the latest way Microsoft and LinkedIn are working to tie their two services closer together. As Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition last year. Though the LinkedIn data is available to anyone outside of Resume Assistant too. It shows how the two companies are combining their data to make their platforms more personalized to each user.

After first rolling out to Office 365 subscribers signed up for Microsoft’s Insider program. Resume assistant will be available to all Office 365 subscribers “over the coming months.