Taurids meteor showers in sky, this weekend

Taurids meteor showers in sky

The meteor shower in sky visible in night, with illuminating bright stars this weekend in the North Hemisphere on November 11 and November 12.

The shower produce a meteor outbursts, with about five shooting stars an hour. Produce exceptional fireball meteors, which makes the shower more special. The shower will best be visible around midnight. The Taurids are the cosmic remnants of Comet to produce exceptional fireball meteors, which makes the shower more special. The Taurids burst out near their namesake constellation.

Taurus the Bull, which is a prominent part of the Northern Hemisphere in winter. It can be found high overhead to the right of Orion and Canis Major, North of the equator. Also south of the equator Taurids will peak in the early hours of Friday November 10. Finding Taurus is an easy enough task, but for the most part it is not necessary to enjoy the meteor shower.

Leonid’s meteor shower

The Leonids will peak on Nov. 17 and the Orionids will continue to radiate after peaking in October. The Leonids will peak in the early morning hours between Friday November 17, and carry through to Saturday.

You should expect at least 10 to 15 falling stars per hour, and every 33 years the Leonid Storm erupts with as many as 1,000 meteors an hour.

Unfortunately you will have to wait till 2034 for the Leonid Storm to come around again.

According to American space agency NASA, when the storm took place in 1996, the meteors fell abundantly like rain, And they said: “Thousands of meteors per minute fell through Earth’s atmosphere during a 15-minute period.”