Best secure Browser for Everyday Use

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Across the world People surfing the internet from own devices and getting information related to their own searches.

Getting results through webpages is performed by the web browsers, the web browser an application accumulates the information resources, navigates and displays the results.

The web browsers considered as an interactive window, there are different types of browsers developed by several tech companies.

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If you want to try a new browser for daily usage at first should know the aspects of performance this includes customization options, high security, plugins and speed.

But most of the browsers are not completely compatible in mobile version it will be difficult for smartphone users.

These browsers used in smartphones has higher risk of security, because URL filtering might not be supported in these browser in mobile versions. While surfing the net in browser your data shared to unknown resources.

The privacy features are almost known to everyone, but using it protects you from tracking your data by targeted advertisements, frequently visited sites, credentials like passwords and cookies.

Instead of sharing your personal data in browsing, the private browsing feature is more helpful and you need not worry about the data.

The oldest browser developed by Microsoft with enhanced features which is free. It’s still being in market with competitors.

Browser uses HTML 5 for browsing experiences and supports many applications except add on plugins.

Security implements on Internet Explorer still need to improve. As it is a conventional web browser, phishing attacks and scam organizers target IE the most.

The epic privacy browser is similar as chrome to use, Epic privacy protects you from all kinds of trackers.

Each web page sends the request to server with IP address. That again the server has to give reply to the same IP. And Google uses these search results accumulates, provides localized results.

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The browser consists built in proxy by enabling it any website that tries to locate you based on your IP address will think you’re in New Jersey, where the proxy server resides
Your search results routed through the epic privacy proxy where the browser doesn’t have idea of what you are typing and doesn’t send the data to referred sites.

It doesn’t try to guess what you’re typing, and it doesn’t send referrer data to websites that you link to from its search results. Queries routed through Epic’s proxy server automatically.

Epic also automatically routes queries to major search engines through the proxy. This prevents the search service from linking your search terms to your IP address.

The chrome browser developed by google has top position in browser rankings. It is cross platform browser where you can install plugins, extensions and considered as rapidly fast growing browser in the present market.

But it has problem working with Low configured devices as like insufficient RAM and it is the heaviest browser. Browsing through Incognito window will never store you search history and cookies.

Browser comparison chart

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Mozilla Firefox has popularity all over world. New feature added for Firefox browser has built in support its pretty good for users.

And coming to design it lags behind the other browser. Several extensions available to install and updates release weekly.

Moreover, the new browser waterfox an open source built on Firefox code considered as fastest browser.

The company removed additional features and restrictions for its users and to overcome problems of older version.

The above figure represents the performance between different browsers. Several colors determine significant functionalities data leakage, catch retrieval and packet sniffing. The ASPS browser highly advanced in all categories compared to other browsers.