Most popular Indian cuisines worldwide

    Popular Indian Cusines

    Popular Indian cuisines

    Indian cuisines have so much popularity across the world. The famous Indian dishes available in almost every area in the world. For example, London has many Indian restaurants serving authentic Indian food.

    The famous Indian dishes available in almost every area in the world. For example, London has many Indian restaurants serving authentic Indian food.

    The main ingredient in Indians food is species, like Ajwain, dalchini, cloves, black cardamom, dhania and tamarind seeds are the more popular. They cooked with a range of color species, and adding these powders neatly in correct amounts into the dish. Also, the Indian food spices have medicinal characteristics. Each cuisine cooked in different style and method.

    The famous Indian foods which are kebabs, chicken tikka masala, biryani, Dosa are much popular and available in UK, US, Canada, the Middle East and China. In Britain, chicken tikka masala is the most famous Indian food item.

    Popular Indian dishes

    Here, the top 15 most popular Indian dishes worldwide

    1 Hyderabadi Biryani

    The most popular Indian rice item, rise from South India. The biryani prepared using basmati rice with several species. The biryani available in various varieties, where chicken, meat and egg.

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    2 Butter chicken

    The famous Punjabi food item. It is one of the most popular non-vegetarian dish, loved by across the globe. This dish is a compilation of varied Indian spices along with butter and mouthwatering chicken. You can have it with bone or bone less, and it is not much spicy.

    3 Dosa

    One of the popular south Indian dish comes in various varieties, like onion, cheese Masala Dosa, Schewan Masala Dosa and others. It tastes best with sambar, a vegetable liquid dish prepares with tamarind, and coconut chutney.

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    4 Chicken tikka masala

    Chicken tikka masala is a delicious grilled chicken dish that is unforgettable after the first bite. The dish cooked in spicy gravy with home-made butter. Most restaurants worldwide do not make the original version of this dish.

    5 Samosa

    The popular Indian street food prepared with maida. This crispy fried snack food made of a potato filling and can serve with chole, chutney. It is the oldest known Indian breakfast and now found all over the world.

    6 Kebabs

    Foreigners most liked food item in India. The dish consists of meat which is arranged in a pin and grilled over coal. This delicious meat filled with a host of flavors that can enjoyed as snacks or roomali rotis or naan.

    7 Rogan Josh

    Rogan josh or Lamb Rogan Josh, a Kashmiri delicacy. It cooked with oil and several spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves, are added for flavor. It tastes best with boiled rice.


    8 Panipuri and Chaat

    The most loved snack across the India and globe. Eaten with spicy water. To eat, there is a wide range of chaats, such as Aloo Tikki, Papdi Chaat, Sevpuri Chaat.

    9 Dal Makhni

    North Indians most liked Punjabi food. The recipe cooked with a mix of lentils, tomato puree and butter. Although, it is a major dish for every occasion in India, and the most popular Indian food across the World.

    10 Malai Kofta

    The popular vegetarian dish made with Bottle gourd (lauki) or unripe bananas or potatoes. The item cooked in a gravy of tomato, cream and spices. This Punjabi dish adopted by many restaurateurs across the globe.

    11 Dhokla 

    The famous Gujarati dish made with boiled rice and chickpea batter. This Gujarati cuisine found all over India and also famous worldwide.

    12 Tandoori Chicken

    It is the famous Indian barbecue chicken recipe. Chicken soaked in a paste of yogurt and other different spices, and then roasted in a clay oven called a tandoor. It can prepare with minimal effort and tastes exceptionally well. However, it is the most favorite chicken food in Indians.

    13 Palak paneer

    Palak Paneer essentially made with spinach and paneer cheese. Also, the most preferred food for vegetarians. This delicious food is very healthy.

    14 Naan

    It is everyone’s favorite Indian flatbread. Traditionally, Naan cooked in a tandoor. However, Butter naan, one of the most popular varieties in naan which is mixed with butter.

    15 Chole Bhature

    The Punjabi dish prepared with curried chickpea and fried flour bread called Bhatura. Also, one of the most liked Punjabi item in India.

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