Best livable places around the world

    1303 Best livable places


    Choose your best place to live in the world with livability. The term livability means a group of factors which add up to a people’s quality of living life, such as environment, economic welfare, social security, education, culture and relaxation facilities.

    However, a survey conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), and Mercer human resources consulting firm releases the best living places in all aspects. Three cities from Australia and Canada ranked in top 10 cities.

    Here, we are presenting the top 10 most livable places.

    1 Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne, the most populous city of the Australian state of Victoria got first rank in the EIU’s livability survey, and sixth year in a row. The city achieves good score in environment, education, healthcare and infrastructure, safety and all other aspects.
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    According to the EIU, the city is a perfect place for entertainment, majorly water sports, parks, gardens and innovative architecture. If you choose to live in Melbourne, you can have it all.

    2 Vienna, Austria

    Vienna gets the top position in the Mercer rankings, and gets eighth year in a row. And second in the EIU survey. The city is best for entertainment, benefits from great museums, theaters and (operas) stage programs. Also, public transportation system is very cheap and reasonably priced in all aspects to live in the city.

    3 Vancouver, Canada

    Vancouver, the city covers with a lot of natural advantages, such as atmospheric temperatures. The city is most popular for filming. Beautiful locations and high level forested green spaces make for outdoor attractions. Vancouver also offers a delicious food.

    4 Toronto, Canada

    Another Canadian city, Toronto, gets good rank in livability areas. According to survey, the city gets good score in stability, healthcare and environment.
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    The city is good in safety, and has good education, and is a good place to live.

    5 Calgary, Canada

    Calgary received a top-five spot among the most comfortable places in the world, and placing next to Vancouver and Toronto.


    The city scored a good result in stability, health care and education. Coming to infrastructure, the city earned good result better than the other two Canadian cities in the top list. In culture and environment, the city gets less result.

    6 Adelaide, Australia

    Adelaide, south Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital ranked sixth in this year. compared to last year ranking, the city fallen one place. The city gets good rank in entertainment. Adelaide is the world’s first carbon neutral city.

    7 Perth, Australia

    According to 2017 ranking, the city Perth gets one of the most livable cities in the world. The city scored 100 per cent in healthcare, education and infrastructure.
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    Also, coming to culture and environment, the city lowest rank among the top 10 cities.

    8 Auckland, New Zealand

    The city Auckland is one of the major city in New Zealand, and it gets third position in the Mercer survey from the last five years. Auckland major attraction is beaches. The city best rank in Personal safety among top cities.

    9 Helsinki, Finland

    The country capital ranked as the ninth most liveable city in the world and second consecutive year in a row. After earning 95.6 per cent in this year Global Livability report.
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    The city scored good marks in the stability and health care categories. It is the only city earn full marks in the education category.

    10 Hamburg, Germany

    Hamburg, the German city gets last rank in top 10 rankings in livability. The city earned a perfect score of 100 in both health care and infrastructure actions, and earned 94 points in culture and environment, 92 points in education, and 90 points in stability. It got a total score of 95.