Brain training Programs and classes around the world

brain training program

Brain training to improve thinking skills, intelligence and cognitive skills these training sessions are organized for people with brain problems such as traumatic brain injury, ADHD, dyslexia, dementia, chemo brain. The training can also be obtained by children with low grades in school.

The brain training concept is based on process known as Neuroplasticity. This process allows neurons in brain to overcome new situations or changes like injury and disease by developing new neural connections between damaged neurons.

It is responsible for brain reorganization. Further, the neuroplasticity may lead to impairment in certain situations. To overcome problems of brain impairment the brain training courses are offered.
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5 Best Brain training programs

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy a method in training brain disorders used by professionals like psychologists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists. The training initiated for people with brain injury or disease. The treatment by cognitive therapy program improves individual’s ability and neurological functions. Tasks in the program include exercises to achieve self-esteem, training frustration tolerance, and developing problem solving strategies.

The goal is to improve memory, attention, perception, reasoning, planning, judgment, general learning, and overall executive functioning. In addition, trainers help clients in prioritizing tasks and creating an ability of writing and copying. It not only provides a wide variety of different types of exercises, both visual and audio.

“Brain training” app improves memory effected with Mild cognitive impairment


Scientists have proved that meditation a key aspect in treating cognitive disorders. It is also considered as brain training technique. Meditation helps to gain more attention and reduces the stress and maintains balanced state of mind. Also improves thought control with relaxation reduces cortisol hormone in brain caused by stress.

This method also includes different types of techniques like concentration meditation, mantra, mindfulness meditation, while others rely on body relaxation, breathing practice and mental imagery. The exact knowledge of techniques that act upon brain in improving.


Biofeedback technique that helps individual to train themselves to directly affect brain function. Scientifically-proven technique practiced by specially-trained psychotherapists. Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback.

This is referred to as “self-regulation,” because the individual is learning how to regulate their own actual brainwave patterns on their own, without medications or additional therapy.

Computer-based software

Scientists have joined forces with software developers to market products that promise to put your brain through its paces. These “mind games” use words, images, and sounds to tune up your memory, concentration, and attention.

Brain-training software designed to put your mental skills through ever more challenging paces. Some programs include virtual contact with a coach to keep you on track. Although, research shows that software training boosts scores on standard tests of memory and attention. It’s less clear whether these enhanced scores make a difference in daily life.

Treatment for brain injuries and dementia benefit is less right now. For healthy people concerned about age-related forgetfulness is better.

10 Best training classes

Neuro leadership institute

The NeuroLeadership Institute has united the world’s foremost neuroscientists, leadership researchers, and organizational practitioners with the purpose of transforming how we think, develop, and perform. The institute offers programs people intend to take course should first register.

Global brain health institute

The Global Brain Health Institute offers career development and research programs for exceptional people from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate leadership and a commitment to healthy brain aging. The training program prioritizes personalized learning combined with career-length mentoring.

Brain training of Maryland

Brain Training of Maryland partners with several providers of evidenced-based technologies designed to enhance brain function for children and adults. As one of only a few such integrated centers in the world. The organization to customize training programs to meet individual needs into our clients’ training plans.

Brown institute for brain science

BIBS supports research in four areas of excellence Neurobiology of Cells and Circuits, Cognition and Behavior, Computation in Brain and Mind, Neuroengineering and Neurotechnology. The institute offer courses on brain training.

Institute of Brain working Recursive Therapy

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy developing training courses and many books for brain training. The classes are via live and interactive online sessions conducted by the originator of the course himself starting in 2016. However, classroom-based workshop classes available, conducted by carefully selected trainers, all of whom have demonstrated their ability to deliver the material at a professional level.

Fit brains

Fit Brains is a brain training program designed by game experts with inputs from neuroscientists, and strives to make brain training accessible and affordable to all. Our games are designed to challenge different areas of your brain, but in a fun and game-like way.

Brain potential

Brain Potential Institute utilizes computer-based video conferencing to remove location constraints and allow successful treatment all over the globe. Institute is a leader in improving people’s brains to their fullest potential.


Lumosity created a simple online tool to allow anyone to train core cognitive abilities. From neuroscience to visual art. To create our engaging brain training program by making cognitive research available to everyone.


Each course includes the best exercises to help you sharpen a core cognitive function or improve your performance in an activity that is important to you. Courses range in length from a few hours to more than 20 hours of organized brain training. They are always available for subscribed BrainHQ users.


Learning Rx offer a variety of programs that target specific cognitive weaknesses. Different programs categorized for particular types of disorders ThinkRx, ReadRx, ComprehendRx, MathRx, puzzle solving.

Moreover, Brain Booster programs are offered in two formats. The first is for adults who do not have a need for a full program, and instead are interested in doing mental exercises with a trainer at their own

Mainly, brain training focuses on better processing of information with accuracy. These training make you better in solving the exercises it doesn’t provide actual concentration, mental sharpness and production in real world. In rear cases these trainings are more useful.