Is Firefox Quantum better than Chrome?

Firefox Quantum better than Chrome

Mozilla Firefox, one of the top open source Web browser which is very flexible and perfect for both advanced and beginner users. Firefox center of attention is quality. User can easily get access to open private windows, find add-ons and set up Adblock Plus.

By adding new updates, Firefox increasing their user’s day by day, and improving their market growth in open source web browser platform. Recently, Mozilla releases their new web version Firefox quantum, also called Firefox 57.

It available in Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows. According to Mozilla, the new update is the biggest update in 13 years.

Firefox quantum features

There are some nifty features included in Quantum, like built-in screenshot functionality and improved tracker blocking.

Mozilla Pocket service, a Library button can access your saved content like bookmarks and screenshots, making extensions for outdated services.
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The advantage in new Firefox quantum is you can sync your browsing history, and other preferences on its iOS and Android apps. You can also do with your Google account, but need a Firefox Account. Also, you can import your data from other browsers.

The Firefox quantum also supports WebAssembly, for faster web applications. It also supports WebVR, which allow websites to take advantage of VR headsets.

Firefox quantum much faster

The new Firefox 57 will support the new Quantum CSS engine, previously called as Stylo, is now integrated into Firefox. Which sees the browser taking advantage of multi-core desktop and mobile devices. This improved utilization of user computer’s hardware makes Firefox Quantum dramatically faster.

The Quantum engine replaces some parts of the old Gecko engine with new components written in a mixture of Rust and C++.

The new Firefox Quantum integrates with the Mozilla’s Servo research project, which is written in the Rust programming language.

Generally, if a web page runs slowly in Firefox it could slow down your entire browser interface. With Firefox 54, Firefox used two processes. One for the UI and one for web pages. The new Firefox Quantum uses even more.

Project UI

Firefox 57 will also support a new UI. This new UI is the product of Project Photon, a project started about the same time with Project Quantum.

The new Photon UI has own browser UI, settings panels, tab page, and new sidebar panel UIs.

The users can also re-enable the old search widget from the settings panel. The planned UI changes are most likely to irritate some Firefox users because the Classic Theme Restorer Firefox add-on stops working.

Firefox Quantum compares to chrome

Mozilla says, the new Firefox quantum is much faster than Chrome. According to the Mozilla benchmark tests, Firefox Quantum is faster than other browsers and previous Firefox browser versions.

Speedometer 2.0 benchmark tool, Mozilla’s new open source tool, reveals that Firefox Quantum is two times faster than previous Firefox.
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Its memory tests showed a decrease in memory usage compared to Google Chrome on Windows 10 and Linux. In macOS 10.12, memory usage was pretty much the same. It consumes 30% less RAM than google chrome.

So, each browser having strengths and weakness. Nowadays, users less interest about on performance. However, Mozilla majorly focus on speed for giving information fastly about users what they want, and the Firefox quantum already available in market.