Google updated Santa tracker App 2017 with games

1418 Santa tracker App 2017 with games

Google has updated the Santa tracker app 2017 for holiday season in Santa clause customized appearance to attract users.

The new Santa’s Village include count down for Christmas. More games and activities are to be added on daily basis Advent Calendar-style, including reindeer racing, parachute drops and new educational games like coding tutorials, geography games and history lessons about Christmas traditions around the globe.

It comprise with games and videos which are currently locked and will be unlocked each and every day users can start as we reach closer to the Christmas Day. The games included for fun.

Snowball Run Escape

Snowball Run, on the other hand, is a runner that will see users escaping obstacles and using boosters in order to outrun both a snowball and fellow racers on their way down a snow-covered hill.

Penguin Swim

Penguin Swim played though the latter moves players in the opposite direction, in the role of a penguin escape ice blocks as it swims.

Gumball Tilt

Gumball sees users tilting their devices to drop gumballs into a sloping channel.