These winter safety tips can keep your children warm and safe

1318 Common infections in winter season

Winter season is a great time for kids to enjoy and play at outdoor. However, the season is very dangerous it brings several infections, such as cold, pneumonia, influenza. However, the infections can prevent with the right healthcare treatment.

Common infections in winter season

Common cold

Cold is a viral infection caused by several viruses. Mostly it occurs in winter months. Colds get worse over 3-5 days and then improve with complete resolution of symptoms around 7-10 days. Normally, Children suffer with cold more than 10 times in a year.

The virus RSV is one common cause of bronchiolitis. This viral respiratory infection commonly occurs in young children. The symptoms are nasal congestion, cough, low-grade fevers, and wheezing. It tends to worsen over several days and then improves slowly.
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The Flu comes with severe fever, cough, throat infection, headache, and muscle aches and pains. The fever much lasts up to 5 days. However, some antiviral mediations available in market it can use at more serious complications.

Pneumonia is a bacterial infection it can affect in many ways. If a child suffers with cold and sudden fever for several days, this could be a signal of pneumonia. Mostly, the infection can treat with antibiotics, and in some children, will require hospitalization.

Winter safety tips for children

Here, presenting some winter safety tips for children. So, parents should follow these tips and take care of your children from infections.

  1. Parents should absorb your kids when playing outdoors and notice them if they are getting unconditional situation, and immediately bring them to indoors.
  2. Also, teach your children for taking what precautions in cold temperatures. It helps them during bath time in water, or when playing indoors as opposed to outdoors.
  3. Parents must cover their child’s body with layers of clothing
  4. Keep children well hydrated.
  5. Clearly show the proper way to shovel snow, sled, ice skate, etc. and always observe these activities.
  6. Apply sunscreen when kids can get sunburned when playing outdoors in the winter.
  7. In some clothes, the outer layers of clothing offer waterproof protection it helps children.
  8. Parents should protect their children with disabilities.
  9. Maintain an emergency bag when travelling in winter season
  10. Never send children outside when severe snowstorm conditions.
  11. Parents must learn and teach their children about the winter infections

Winter safety products for children

  • Cold creams

In winter season, the babies skin can easily get dry and flaky. During bath, oil from the skin is again lost.

Baby moisturizing lotion or cream can ensure the required hydration or moisturization for your baby. If the baby has very dry skin, opt for thick creams rather than lotions. However, amazon selling good cold cream products in online.

  • Medicines

In winter season, kids easily catch a cold. Maintain the medicines for cold and flu handy. It is best advised to use a hand sanitizer during the winters.
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Always clean baby’s hand with antibacterial wet wipes to avoid buildup of germs. However, amazon selling some cold medicines with best price.

  • Mosquito creams

Protect your baby from mosquitoes by covering with full sleeve in entire day. Use a good mosquito cream suited for babies and kids. The online market giant Walmart sales the best mosquito cream.