Christmas Tree Celebrations around the World

    1764 world’s most popular Christmas festival destinations

    Are you still in shopping deals? The Christmas celebration have already started with illuminating lights around the world.

    So, plan your Carols and indulge in colorful events. We introduce you world’s most popular Christmas festival destinations

    Munsterplatz, Basel

    The beautiful city Munsterplatz with Christmas tree celebration brightness located on Rhine River in Basel, Switzerland. A splendid Christmas tree placed with paints and ornaments decoration in the largest Christmas market in Munsterplatz.

    Officially the Christmas tree celebration events are opened at 6.30 pm on 23 November every year. The governing President of the city switches on the Christmas lights at Münsterplatz. You can admire the splendid illuminations adorning the numerous Christmas trees lining the streets of Basel. Basel’s Christmas tree is well worth a visit if you are looking for a classical tree. Also Christmas trees for sale from a Swiss Christmas tree nursery

    The market appears energetic with Events and Lights.

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    Manger Square, Bethlehem

    According to Christian mythology it is considered as birth place of Jesus Christ. Bethlehem a Palestinian town few miles nearer to Jerusalem capital of Israel.

    People eagerly awaiting for 15 meters large Christmas tree  celebration moment with illuminations of lights on December 3. The festive dinner at Bethlehem’s Manger Square with viewing of the Midnight Mass on big-screen and visiting to the Church of the Nativity

    As scheduled, the celebration began at 6:20 p.m. with musical accompaniment. The first to perform were the Scouts from Bethlehem.

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    Galeries Lafayette, Paris

    Galeries Lafayette is department store in Paris, perhaps similar to Macy’s in the United States. As such, Galeries Lafayette with cheerfulness of Christmas tree celebration season with recreational fun activities and a giant Christmas tree hanging from the roof made with countless balloons and giant Mylar candies.

    Visitors are treated to a delightful light show. The theme of ‘An Amazing Arctic Christmas tree celebration this year, follows the adventures of a polar bear and its cubs. Due to the shrinking ice fields at the North Pole, the polar bears are in search of a new habitat, which is found at Galeries Lafayette.

    The Christmas tree celebration will be inaugurated on November 8th and revealed to the public on November 9th. From December 1-24, at the 55 Galeries Lafayette stores around France

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    Trafalgar Square, London

    The Christmas tree decorated in Norwegian style with lights in Trafalgar Square with Christmas tree celebration countdown. The coniferous tree is known as annual gift to London from Norwegian since 1947 in support of Britain in Second World War.

    The 82-foot tree with hundreds of lightbulbs set in vertical strings of light. The christmas tree celebration ceremony takes place at 6pm on 7 December and crib ceremony from 5.30pm on 10 December. A procession with torch lit and music from St Martin-in-the-Fields church between 11 and 22 December.

    Enjoy carols around the Christmas tree in London’s famous square.

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    Puerto de la Sol, Madrid

    La Puerta del Sol, the central plaza in Madrid, has Christmas tree constructed almost out of pure yellow light. Standing about 114 feet this golden Christmas tree cis sponsored by the national lottery. The Christmas season starts from 24 November till 6 January

    The biggest parade here in Madrid is the Three Kings Parade (Cabalgata). A glorious night where the entire city gathers in the streets to receive the Three Kings on their journey through the city!

    The parade begins at 18:00 in Avenida de la Castellana and continues to Plaza de Colon on the 5th of January! The parade usually ends around 20:30

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    The Red Square, Moscow

    The festival starts on Manezh Square and famous huge glowing ball, the one of the most popular sights in Moscow. At this small Christmas town children will dress up a Christmas tree

    Instead of a Christmas tree, the Russian yolka is actually a New Year’s tree. The festive season starts from 12 December 2016 – 11 January 2017

    The more spiritual Orthodox Christmas on January 7.

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    Rockefeller Center, New York
    source: rockefeller

    The one of the biggest Christmas tree lit on November 29 at Rockefeller Plaza outside The White House in Washington DC. The tree will remain lit and on display on the plaza between West 48th and 51st Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues until 9pm on January 7.

    A full range of Christmas tree celebration activities, including live music and artistic displays. The tree was lit on 3 December 2014 and will remain illuminated until early January.

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    Old Town Square, Prague

    Approximately 24-meter-tall tree given to the market organizing firm Taiko. The firm had been offering a reward of Kč 10,000 for a tip leading to a suitable tree. On the night of November 27–28, the organizers will install it on Old Town Square.

    The Christmas market at Old Town Square starts relatively late this year, on Dec. 2, due to the late start of events, and runs until Jan. 6, which is Three Kings Day, when Christmas is celebrated on the Orthodox calendar.

    The start of events changes every year and is the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The market in Old Town Square traditionally opens the day before.

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    Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Rio de Janiero

    The world’s largest floating Christmas tree lit on 29 November 2014, at 8pm at the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in Rio de Janeiro with fireworks display.

    An 85 meter tall floating Christmas tree and weighs in at 542 tons floating in the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. More than 1200 people involved in the construction process

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    The White House, Washington, DC

    White House filled with holiday decorations Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, colorful lights, gingerbread houses, and more.

    The White House will welcome the 2017 Christmas tree celebration season with the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on November 30th.

    Tickets distributed by lottery in mid-October, lucky winners will be notified on October 30.

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    Dortmund, Germany

    Visit one of the biggest and most beautiful Christmas tree celebration markets in Germany. From 23 November to 30 December 2017 there will be around 300 stalls with craftwork, Christmas decoration, extraordinary toys and a lot more.

    At the Dortmund Christmas tree celebration market this year again with hearty culinary delights such as bratwurst and Westphalian roasted ham as well as with sweet specialties such as sugar-roasted almonds, crêpes and other delicacies.

    With a height of 45 meters and about 48,000 lights the big Christmas tree will again gleam in a festive splendor.

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