World’s first smart condom for $74

1394 sex endurance tracker

A British based company has developed a sex endurance tracker known as Smart condom. The company i.Con claims as world’s first smart condom.

The product is sold into market at $74 price. Moreover, 96,000 people have already pre-ordered the product which will be released later this year.

The device fits around the base of the one and band adjustment allows you to flex the ring to correct size for you ensuring maximum comfort. Although, users can wear it multiple times, built in with a Nano-chip and Bluetooth capabilities. It sends sexual data to an app on the user’s smartphone. The tracker built as lightweight and water resistant.

Further, it comes with integrated micro USB port to recharge, with each charge lasting about six to eight hours.

Smart condom detects STD’s


It measures the quality of sex including speed of thrusts, calories burned, and duration of session and girth measurements. Also records the amount of calories burned, different positions, and can detect several STD’s like chlamydia and syphilis, Average skin temperature.

Meanwhile, the firm has announced that the device applicable for reuse. But it said “There is an LED that will emit a purple light if STIs are present that we can identify,”.


However, tracked data also maintained privately. You have an option to share it with friends via social apps. The ring, which will come with a one-year warranty.

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