iFlytek accelerate the application of AI in healthcare

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AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which changes entire technology in world and moves extremely fast in all sectors. In health sector, AI uses algorithms and software for analyzing human cognition in the study of complex medical data.

The AI can solve a variety of problems in healthcare including patients, hospitals and the healthcare industry. The country china implements high technologies in health sector for helping to improve services.

Cao Xuetao, president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said, AI can help accelerate medical research by boosting computing capabilities, and it can also efficiently use limited resources by offering partly automated solutions.

In central china, a hospital using robot, that runs on AI, which provides medical services for people. The robot can check patient and records symptoms, reviews and makes initial treatment.

iFlytek trail project

A Chinese AI company, iFlytek Co Ltd, developed this robot. Also, the robot clears China’s national medical licensing examination, gets 96 percent, more than the required to qualify. However, it is the company’s trail project to see how the robot helps in actual medical cases.

Source: MIT Technology Review

Liu Qingfeng, chairman of iFlytek, said, we will officially launch the robot in March 2018. It is not meant to replace doctors. Instead, it is meant to promote better people-machine cooperation to boost efficiency.

However, the robot focuses only on the cancer diagnosis and other major diseases. The company testing how the robot use AI for treating cancer. Also, the robot can train general specialists. However, general specialists are not much needed in china’s rural areas.

iFlytek formed in 1999, and it focuses on voice recognition technologies from the last 18 years. The company acquires 460,000 third-party developer teams from the last seven years.

With this initiative China plans to improve the application of AI in healthcare.