NASA confirms mysterious fireball above Florida

1563 mysterious fireball above Florida

Mysterious fireball fallen in Florida

On Tuesday, a mysterious fireball fallen in Florida, it blasts behind the clouds. Florida residents stunned when they noticed a fireball skies.

Fireball has a visible magnitude that is brighter than -4. Minus 4 is the magnitude of the planet Venus as seen from the surface of the Earth. The fact of fireballs is quite common. However, most fireballs fallen in oceans or unpopulated regions.

NASA confirms

After receiving several reports of the cosmic event, NASA confirms that it was not the beginning of an alien occupation. The space agency in Tampa that the sprint was a fragment of an asteroid that broke up over the Gulf of Mexico.

“Yeah, that’s sort of a typical fireball,” said astronomer Dr. Craig Joseph of the St. Petersburg College Observatory after shown footage captured by civilians and shared to the internet.

NASA determined that the fireball falls around the west coast of Naples and approximately 10 inches wide, which is much larger than a typical grain-sized falling star.

The American Meteor Society observing and collecting a data about meteroic phenomena, also received several reports from residents around the asteroid falling place.

The non-profit compiled a map of where the witnesses located and also created an estimated 3D trajectory of where the space rock was when it was visible.

The map shows people from Jacksonville and West Palm Beach filed reports. So, the entire peninsula could have seen it if they were looking in the right direction at the right time.

However, thousands of meteors fall into the Earth’s atmosphere every day. Most go overlooked, which is why when they are spotted, it feels like such a big deal.