Sea of Thieves game on XBOX upcoming March


Microsoft-owned, UK-based studio Rare studio developed sea of thieves game with features a charming art style that embraces the lighter side of the seven seas.

The game comes on Microsoft XBOX it is launched on 20th March 2018. You can pre-order it soon on XBOX store. The Adventurous game sea of thieves as pirate themed with fighting with others in seas and between islands and discovering the maps with clues experiencing game with strangers and friends.

you and your crew will have to figure out how to man a ship. With people taking over different jobs, which means that you’ll have to communicate. If you want to avoid accidentally doubling up on when you get to the island with the treasure on it. You’ll need to read your map alongside your compass to work out where you are since the game gives you no clues as to your location on the map itself.

Everyone will have the chance to try playing it before they buy

The trailer highlighted the game’s view and visuals and showed a team of four as they retrieve a chest of treasure to bring it back to their ship. The players explore islands where dangers appear in form of the ghosts of previous player who remain able to attack you. To be especially careful while you’re busy digging up your treasure, which takes a believably long amount of time.

Sea of Thieves developed in close partnership with the community. To ensure that the game is what the players want. The team hold development play sessions with the Insiders to find out which parts they enjoy. Parts need fixing or changing, or what the community discovers along the way.

A brand-new build of the game was available for fans to play at the show on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. But the team told before the game is eventually released in early 2018.

The game will come out on Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime later this year. Players from both platforms will be able to play freely. With one another regardless of whether they’re using a mouse and keyboard or a controller to play.