Introducing Adrenalin edition: AMD annual Radeon Software update

1205 Adrenalin edition : AMD annual Radeon Software update

Adrenalin edition

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) releases its new annual Radeon Pro software now it comes with Adrenalin edition. This new software is very helpful for games and computer followers.

Numerous AMD software releases in the past brought exciting new features like the Radeon ReLive, Chill and WattMan. With these features, gamers can easily stream their gameplay without using any mediator tools and improve their GPU settings for higher performance.

According to AMD, this new release is engineered to push perfection even further and bring unmatched gameplay experience to all gamers out there. The company majorly focus on latency reduction on this new software update.


Radeon ProRender

The new rendering engine obtains support for interactive viewport denoising. The information mix with 3D real-time content to generate a clear render preview.

The Game Engine Importer is also improved, making it possible to pull geometry and materials into real-time engines for viewing in VR. For productivity, it utilizes the good functionality and better performed platforms like the Unreal Engine.

Radeon ReLive

The Radeon Relive is the AMD’s gameplay capturing and streaming application. Also makes its way into the workstation space, delivering functionality. This new feature aimed at making it more flexible.

Now, you can able to save on-screen content as an image or video, with or without sound, then store, edit, or share that content with others.

Driver options

The updated driver options in the Adrenalin Edition, giving users with supported graphics cards to exchange from Radeon Pro Software to the latest Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition for Radeon Pro driver, a Radeon Software driver version, and use its gaming features.

Radeon Pro overlay

Radeon Overlay supplies all the essential information about your hardware during gameplay. Also, you can monitor your system’s frame rate, GPU temperature, utilization, clocks, power limit and VRAM usage.

This feature gives you access to other parts of the Radeon Software without minimize the game. The Radeon Overlay support on DirectX 9, 11, 12 and Vulkan APIs.

GIM open source

AMD continues to shove in the virtualization space with MxGPU technology. For this release, the company’s open-source KVM host OS driver, available on GitHub. It can save costs and provide more clarity than recovery solutions.

AMD Link Mobile App

AMD Link, a new solution available for Android and iOS platforms. It’s a powerful mobile app that can make your gaming life both better and easier. With this application you can link your smartphone or tablet to a computer with Radeon graphics on board.

You can scan a QR code or type a special code also, connect to multiple computers if you like. AMD Link monitors your PC’s system data and gaming performance, also controlling other AMD services. It also notifies you when Radeon Software updates are released and shows you the latest AMD news.