Bing using subreddits as search results with AI

1232 Bing using subreddits as search

Microsoft has established a partnership with social news site Reddit for Bing search engine. The company launched its artificial intelligence features for Bing search engine to improvise its search results with variations. It announced at an event in San Francisco.

The artificial intelligence system uses object recognition called machine reading for parsing the texts and obtain the meaning and also other techniques with AI methods. Search engine chooses multiple sources from different perspectives and picks from preapproved news sources. This process programmed with a new feature introduced in September as “fact checking tags to search results”. It reduces misinformation, fake news, and other distorted stories.

The Bing search engine displays the information in search results from subreddits by implementing algorithms. To analyze user generated text on all Reddit communities. However, the Reddit sourced information and top subreddit threads shown in the search results when searching community name.

Incorporation of Reddit with Bing

However, incorporation of Reddit with Bing works in three ways by typing in the name of a subreddit on Bing, you’ll get subreddit’ s top threads displayed in the search results with links to the individual pages. With the content showing up on the person’s search card, which will be accessible just by searching that person’s name. Although, typing a question into Bing with the word “reddit” tagged on the end will surface answers from within relevant on-site threads.

It is difficult to parse after it’s been organized by Reddit’s algorithms and largely replaced by a new wave of images, text posts, videos, and links. Working with Microsoft, and using the company’s sizable computing resources and AI prowess, is a solid way to make its site more searchable and to bring users back to old threads. The combination of AI and reddit search will be coming to US in the next month.

Moreover, Microsoft’s search engine has under 5 percent of the global search engine market share on desktop and mobile. Compared with Google’s 80 percent share, according to NetMarketShare’s November 2017 statistics.

Also implementing intelligent search to Office 365. Users search for text within image and presentation slides. Furthermore, the AI tools with a new Excel feature automatically highlight spreadsheet patterns. The company’s software detects from the structured data to make it easier to analyze.