Smart voice assistant Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa

1434 Smart voice assistant Google Home Vs Amazon Alexa

The voice assistant speakers google home and amazon echo are dominant devices in the tech market with high demand. We introduce to you the both google home and amazon echo speakers for future use in your homes.

Both of the speakers built in with assistance which can perform task and tell about your day and answering the questions, makes you to listen streaming music and controlling the home appliances. Only one aspect that separates the two devices is voice assistant.

Google Home uses google assistant and Amazon Echo built with Alexa, the aspect of assistants google is better and smarter are both devices. Google home expected as more natural and has better sense of humor, as it answered the 3000 random questions correctly. It offers more search capabilities as Amazon Echo super on retail search services.

With low price Amazon echo has capacity of amazon prime customers and large market. If you are prime customer an advantage in using amazon music services with reasonable low premiums. Else you can enjoy monthly free trails.

The cost of google Home $79 .00 and Amazon Echo $79.99are equal in range but the second generation of amazon echo is reduced and low as $29.99. If you want a smaller speaker, the tiny Echo Dot costs £50, making it cheap enough to fill your home with. You can use Bluetooth or the 3.5mm audio jack to hook it up to a better set of speakers.

The new Echo Plus $119.99, which has a built-in ZigBee hub for controlling devices, such as Philips Hue bulbs. There’s the Echo Show, $149.99 which adds a touchscreen to the Echo. So you interact with the assistant in a completely different way, and view visual content, such as a security camera’s feed.

Google Home Mini $29.00, upgraded Google Home Max models are also available. Competes with the Echo Dot and is cheap enough to spread throughout your home. This product doesn’t have any audio outputs, so you can’t connect it easily to an external system. Google currently has no voice assistant with a built-in screen.

Both the voice assistants are supportive and get a good deal to buy.