Google Chrome improved mute, autoplay video features soon

1279 Chrome improved mute, autoplay video features

A new feature from chrome browser for users in upcoming weeks. The company is testing the features in chrome beta version.

The chrome beta version 63 on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android and Chrome 64 now in the beta version released. You can also test these new features. Google has improved pop-up blocker. It prevents sites with malicious transparent overlays, links as play buttons and site controls.

It also prevents malicious auto redirected links and checks the content embedded into pages. Blocks third party iframes unless user has direct interacts. If redirect attempt occurs, users will remain on their current page with an address bar popping up to detail the block.

Google Chrome supports HDR video playback in windows

The version supports video playback in windows HDR mode to get this you need to get windows 10 fall creator. Also prototyping the operating system’s native notification center on windows similar to macOS with version 59 launching it in Linux.

Chrome users can mute auto play videos on websites. You have to do manually for each website which uses videos. But once you block a website, all audio content should remain blocked on that domain.

A new sitewide audio muting setting permissions dropdown by tapping the info icon or green secure lock in the URL bar. Also allows “Split view” feature on ChromeOS and version 64 for multitasking and screenshots on convertibles with power button and volume down button gestures.

The Resize Observer API used to develop responsive sites an advantage to developers with control to identify the changes of elements sizes on page.

Consumer version of Chrome browser to be arrived in January.