Is sugar good or bad for you?

1195 Is sugar good or bad

There is no simple answer to the question Is sugar good or bad? Because it can be harmful to your health when if not consumed in the appropriate form. Sugar is valuable for the human body in whole food forms. It is a carbohydrate, which are important sources of energy. Most of foods have high carbohydrates have a combination of sugar and starch.

Benefits and Effects

From sugar, you can get several benefits and effects to your life and metabolism.

  • helps you store energy for later
  • provides immediate mood boost
  • natural sweet improve thinking skills
  • provide an immediate charge of energy
  • natural sugar sources come with added nutrients


  • sugar is bad for your teeth
  • high levels of sugar in liver with fructose can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • can give you cancer
  • sugar is a leading contributor to obesity in both children and adults