Projector, HAUSBELL 1500ANSI Lumens LED Luminous efficiency Mini Portable Video Projector for Outdoor Indoor Movie/Home Theater/Game, HDMI VGA USB AV SD Support


Projector, HAUSBELL 1500ANSI Lumens LED Luminous efficiency Mini Portable Video Projector for Outdoor Indoor Movie/Home Theater/Game, HDMI VGA USB AV SD Support

Product Description
Have you wanted to create a movie theater like room in your house for several years?
Have you need a projector that is easy to carry and can be use everywhere?
Hausbell Mini Portable Video LED Projector is a great choice for you. This mini project overall is incredibly versatile, and is ready to plug and go with pretty much all everyday media sources.
The lens can be focused and has a keystone to tilt to make image squarer. The menu is a very elaborate one where you can adjust the color, contrast, sharpness etc. to your likings. You can listen to music, look at your pictures, watch a movie, play your video games through your console and even read an e-book. It has a pretty good sounding built in speaker or if you want to be quiet there is a headphone jack on the side of the projector as well.

1. Special Cords is required if you connect the projector to tablets and smart phones.
2. External Speaker required if you use a VGA cord to connect the micro projector while watching videos, VGA cable can NOT transmit audio signal.
3. As with any projector, they tend to get hot, and so good ventilation is key to getting the longest life out of the device.
4. When the projectors works, the fan will make noise to radiating due to the highly temperature. It will be better that you can have a break after 3 to 4 hours using to avoid overheating.
5. The remote only works when you aim it at the back of the projector in range of 2m. If you’re sitting behind it but if you have it against a wall, you can place a tiny little mirror behind it so it reflects the remotes IR into the IR receiver.
6. If you connect the projector to your tablets via HDMI cable and want to play videos, we recommend you to set up the projector to HDMI input.

Package included:
1x HD Movie Projector
1x AC power adapter
1x AV cable
1x Remote control
1x User manual

Price: $69.99

  • Choose Hausbell, Choose Smart Life: join the 1 million+ supported by our industry-leading technology and customer-first service; Products are certified and in compliance with requirements of US Laws & Regulations
  • Perfect for dark environment: create a wonderful viewing experience in a completely dark area. Ideal for indoor or outdoor entertainment such as watching movies and football games with super rich colors and crystal clear images in dark night (NOT recommend for text data presentations, like PDF, Excel, Text files). The projector is not suitable in bright room without shades
  • Unmatched Home Cinema: with 800×600 native resolution upscaling to 1920×1080, the projector allows watching movies, football matches or playing games on a 16:9 wide screen up to 220 inches with clear image in 0.5-5m projection distance. Contrast: static 600:1, dynamic 10000:1
  • Portable and versatile: ultra lightweight to move it to a different room or even throw in a backpack; Equipped with HDMI/USB/AV/SD/VGA interface, easily connect to PlayStation PS3/PS4, WII or XBOX, PC, laptop
  • User-friendly design: the LED light design makes the output light soft and not dazzlingly bright. Great to watch different shows in the night