Software maker Microsoft secretly working on a foldable notepad device

1219 Microsoft secretly working on a foldable notepad device

Foldable notepad device

According to rumors, the software maker Microsoft secretly working on a foldable notepad device, much like the company’s courier concept.

Earlier this week, a patent has appeared about this new device with a lot more detail. The patent reveals, the new device has two separate screens joined by a hinge system and sections that fold together.

This secret device could invert over and use as a drawer. While, there’s not much detail about the software for the new device.
Source: the verge

Microsoft’s patent filing includes a lot of complex details around how the device works. It can use as gear-like cogs to adjust hinge, and allowing the device to hold in different positions. Also, an UI stretches both displays with a very small gap.

Dedicated notebook app

A virtual keyboard and track pad is also show on one section, while the other has a weather broadcast running. However, Microsoft is also reportedly working on a dedicated notebook app for the device, that looks like a real notebook.

The patent is evident for making without references to a stylus, but then again, the focus of the patent is on the hinge. It may simply not consider relevant.

Microsoft’s engineers consume over hinge details for its Surface devices, and the company has created a unique support for the Surface Pro and Surface Studio devices.

However, it’s not clear if such a device will ever make it to market. While, Microsoft filed patents for an all-in-one PC that identical to the hardware it eventually unveiled.