7 tips to build flat stomach

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Follow the steps to build flat stomach

For flat stomach reduce your daily intake by 500–1,000 calories to lose approximately 1–2 pounds per week.

By eating soluble fiber, you are also less likely to accumulate fat around your organs, which reduces your waist circumference and the risk of several diseases.

A regular intake of probiotics may balance reducing the risk of weight gain and fat accumulation in your abdominal cavity.

Cardio exercises recommend doing 150–300 minutes of moderate-to-high-intensity aerobic exercise weekly, which translates to roughly 20–40 minutes per day.

Adding protein shakes to your weight loss diet may be especially effective to build flat stomach.

The Mediterranean diet is high in monounsaturated fatty acids. With many health benefits, including a reduced risk of central obesity.

Moreover, intake of Apple cider vinegar is linked to several impressive health benefits as acetic acid reduce body fat accumulation.