How to control prolonged over sitting?

1223 Problems arise due to over sitting

People having a habit of over sitting for prolonged hours are easy to effect with many disease. Most of the employees face these problems. Sitting inactively in front of the computer can do everything from increase the heart attack risk also ruin your posture. An average employee spends close to seven to eight hours a day in one place.

Problems arise due to over sitting

Increased risk of heart disease: If you are in one place for long, the muscles will burn lesser fat and make the blood flow more sluggishly. This can clog up the heart and make you prone to heart troubles.

Stiffness and pain: As a result of over-sitting in one place, the electrical activity in the leg muscles shuts off. Over time, this can cause degeneration of muscles.

Spine posture: When you keep moving, the discs between the vertebrae also move. But when you sit for too long, it makes the body shift forwards, augmenting the risk of spine damage.

Reduces lung efficiency: A clear disadvantage of sitting in this manner is a poor breathing pattern and poor blood circulation, which also decreases lung efficiency.

Neck pain: Watch out! Being stagnant also puts you at risk of neck strain leading to spondylitis.

To do

Park the car as far away from the office entrance as you can and walk to work.
Ditch the elevator and take the stairs.

If you have to connect with a colleague, walk, don’t reach for the phone to text or call him/her. Stroll across to the person instead.

Walk while taking your phone calls. Step out of your workstation every hour and do a quick walk or other activity.

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