Customize your Mini cooper with 3D parts

1104 Mini cooper with 3D printing and laser carving innovation


Mini offers a new customization program, “Mini yours customized”, which allows clients can customize their Mini cooper cars with 3D parts.

Customers can use an online configurator in the new program to design their own custom side scuttles, dashboard trim on the passenger side, illuminated door sills, and door light projectors all can be patterned, labelled, textured, and colored to taste, or any lack thereof.

You can choose distinctive colors, designs, surface completions, symbols, messages into the outlines. Envision modifying your Hardtop to peruse “Melissa’s Mini” or perhaps “Willyz Wheelz.”

3D printing and laser carving innovation

We design the customer parts using most recent 3D printing and laser carving innovation. Once the customer orders their custom design, it will print the piece and deliver it within a few weeks. The client would then be able to introduce the piece themselves or have a dealer do it.

All the Customized Mini products built at Germany. The car side scuttles can design with different colors surface finishes, and patterns in any sequence. Purchasers can pick the scale for the completions and patterns as well.
Source: Mini

This unparalleled freedom of design allows customers to transform their Mini into a unique special defined by their personal style and their own creativity.

While, if the vehicle sold, the new owner can arrange new custom designs. According to rumors, Mini announced the prices and other specifications soon. Also, plans to launch the service in March 2018 in Europe and other high market areas.