More wet weather tracks are coming soon in Gran Turismo sport

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Gran Turismo sport

Gran Turismo sport on PlayStation 4 is getting positive reviews. However, the absence of observable wet-climate conditions astonished many racing fans.

According to Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, The racer currently has only one wet-weather location, such as Northern Isle Speedway. Luckily, more tracks are on their way to the PS4 exclusive.

The engineers basically must constrain to take a shot at adding wet conditions to prior released tracks by means of updates to the game as all of grannie Turismo Sports autos intended to be perfect with the stormy conditions and have down to earth screen wipers that the designers may initiate in the game.

Polyphony Digital update

Gran Turismo Sport is presently accessible solely on PS4. At this moment there is no course of events for when players can hope to see variable climate conditions in-diversion, as it appears as though they’ll fix in as the engineers at Polyphony Digital update the game.

Cars in GT Sport are already compatible with rain, and it’s only a matter of adding wet conditions to a track. The racer recently got its 1.10 update, which included the single-player GT League mode close by 12 new cars.