Pay your bills with these popular mobile payment apps


Mobile Payment Apps

Traditional payment systems like cash, card payment are still having very much in craze in public. The latest trend among shoppers is mobile payment. Nowadays, Mobile payments are gaining much popularity with consumers not only for their convenience but also for their security.

There are different types of mobile payment systems that all work a bit differently. Most mobile payment apps offer user plans. These apps also allow the user to keep track of their payment and even print receipts of their transactions.

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Popular mobile payment apps

Here, we present the most popular mobile payment apps around world.

1 PayPal

Paypal’s mobile app is used by 173 million people all over the world, in 203 countries and 26 currencies. You can send money between other PayPal users and friends.

The app available in both iOS and Android, also send money to other users with PayPal website. User also checks their previous transactions in detail.

2 Apple pay

The mobile wallet for Apple devices which lets user pay at stores and restaurants with contactless point-of-sales systems.

Apple Pay can also be used for in app purchases in iOS. It utilizes tokenization to ensure card information, and doesn’t spare installment subtle elements on the gadget.

3 Google wallet

The current version of Google Wallet is a free and fast way to send money using an email or phone number.

The cool thing about Google Wallet is that your recipient doesn’t need the app to get the money in their account. Depending on the type of debit card linked to your account you can receive the payment immediately, and Google won’t charge anything for transferring the money to your bank account.

4 LevelUp

The mobile payment service majorly used in businesses based on QR codes. Link your payment card to the app, and then get your custom LevelUp code. You can simply get that code scanned by the beneficiary’s scanner, and earn rewards along the way.

LevelUp also offers reward programs along with detailed analytics which enable businesses to customize the type of discounts offered to customers.

5 venmo

Venmo is the market pioneer in shared installment applications. A fan most loved of twenty to thirty year olds, Venmo profits exchange between two individuals quick, simple and bother free.

You can also request money from your contacts and store it as Venmo Balance, and also transfer that out to your bank account.

6 Facebook messenger

In US, more than 18 years old, sending money to your Facebook friend is as easy as sending them a message on Facebook Messenger.

Add a card issued by a US bank to your account, and set your preferred currency to US dollars for Messenger to let you pay.

User can also add a PIN and authenticate subsequent payments for improve security.

7 Android pay

Android Pay uses NFC technology to let users can pay goods or services by simply tapping their phone on a compatible POS terminal.

Cards already associated with your Google account can be easily added to Android Pay. You can also add loyalty and gift cards to your Android Pay account.

You can use Android Pay for in-app purchases too, and also on the desktop for certain sites.

8 Samsung pay

Samsung launches its mobile payment service Samsung pay. It supports eligible cards from more than 70 major and regional banks.

Samsung Pay can be used to make purchases nearly everywhere cards are accepted.  Consumers use the Samsung Pay Fingerprint Authentication to pay online.

9 Square cash

Square began is an equipment addon which enabled private ventures to transform an iPhone or iPad into a card peruser.

Square Cash allows you to grab your $Cashtag and share a customized link to your free profile with anyone, letting you receive payments from inside the browser.

10 Mastercard Qkr

Mastercard’s Qkr is a mobile payment platform which allows customers to clear their bills easily without needing to stand in line or waiting for the server to come to them with the bill.