Microsoft Edge browser surfing gives more battery life on windows 10 fall creator

spinonews Windows 10 Fall creator

Microsoft has launched a test to check battery life with three different browsers. By using its Windows 10 Fall creator update build 16299 on surface books attempted the trail among Microsoft Edge, Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

They organized a video streaming on all three browsers on similar devices beyond the battery life. The battery levels in the devices dropped down, According to the outcome Microsoft edge 63 percent longer than Mozilla Firefox and 19 percent longer than Google chrome.

Enduring Microsoft Edge browser managed to go 16 hours and 8 minutes. While Chrome 13 hours and 31 minutes and Firefox came in at 9 hours and 52 minutes.

There are some limitations to consider before evaluating the tests. But the results may not reflect to the real world use. As some setting were adjusted to show the outcome as you can observe in actual use. Modifying the ambient light sensor, setting the volume to mute. Still, the settings applied to each device, so the test should reflect a level playing field for each browser.

Further, already Microsoft has released similar battery life test just after the release of the Creators Update in April 2017. Previous test in 2016 results comparatively similar with both tests. Microsoft does not indicate which versions of each browser technology used in the test, which could have a significant impact on the overall results.

Moreover, choosing a browser involves in technology with advantages and disadvantages related to a range of personal preferences.