Nvidia GeForce Now starts beta testing on PC

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Nvidia launches GeForce Now beta version

Nvidia GeForce Now, the company’s cloud gaming technology, launches GeForce Now beta version on PC. The new beta version currently running more than 160 games at most extreme visual settings, at up to 120 fps.

Phil Eisler, head of GeForce Now, said, users can access high-performance GeForce GTX GPUs in cloud-connected data centers through GeForce Now. The processing happens in the cloud, and server sends video on your computer. The hardware requirements for PC are Intel Core i3 with 3.1GHz, 4GB RAM, GPU that supports DirectX 9.

The beta version consistent with Windows-based desktops and laptops that implies users can play high-end games in old PCs. It connects an extensive variety of Windows and MacOS computers to supercomputers in the cloud, and streaming 1080p graphics up to 120 fps.

GeForce Now can connect gamers to their library titles from top digital PC stores, includes Uplay PC, Ubisoft’s PC games portal.

Nvidia said, patching, game configuring and driver updating handle automatically with the GeForce Now infrastructure, and games can install within 30 seconds. Also, settings are automatically synchronized with digital game platforms, also enable where you left off.

While, Nvidia GeForce Now beta version already available in Mac users. Now, it opened as a closed beta for Windows desktop and laptop users in of North America and Europe.

The GeForce Now app features French and German localization options, with local language support for many top and diverse gaming experiences, including Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Arma 3, Garry’s Mod, Fortnite, and more.

Nvidia also adding steam game collections into the GeForce Now service for Windows. The service is still in beta for the present, and Nvidia hasn’t declared evaluating subtle elements or correct accessibility. However, you can access to the beta over at Nvidia’s site.